Sansar Nepal At The Garden



Number 5, January 2018

Dear friends and sponsors,

Having just returned from my usual October visit to Nepal, and with the year end just passed, it seems like a fitting time for a review of last year; what’s happened at The Garden and what’s been achieved by Sansar Nepal. I’ll try to be as concise as possible, as I know everyone is super busy, and I do thank you for taking the time to read this… READ MORE

What We Are

SansarNepal is a small, newly-formed, non-profit organisation registered in Nepal and governed by a board of trustees, which is made up of young Nepalese people who are volunteering their time and efforts to make some changes in their society. As yet we receive no outside funding to run our home and the NGO, so we are relying upon private sponsorship to cover our running costs and outreach. This is why your commitment is so important for the work we are undertaking. The board is advised and supported by a small group of international professionals, headed by Michelle Bliss, a UK national and former international school teacher of over 25 years. Michelle has been working with children and schools in Pokhara for 11 years, and she currently spends 5 months of each year at the centre in Pokhara.

Our Purpose

  1. To provide a space for children to learn, to grow and to develop the qualities of altruism and compassion needed to effect real change.
  2. To work with visitors from different countries to empower disadvantaged members of the community, especially children, girls and women, by developing potential and supporting self-discovery through extra educational and creative opportunities, confidence building, skill development and mentoring.
  3. To bring international visitors wishing to share knowledge and skills into partnership with like-minded Nepalese individuals and institutions who also wish to be agents of change, with an emphasis on compassion, unity, equality and collaboration.
  4. To offer international visitors and volunteers a welcoming home base, together with an experience of Nepal that is both culturally and spiritually enriching.