UPDATE : Nepal Earthquake Relief Work

How your money is being spent

Due to your generosity we have so far raised £2500.  Your donations ARE getting to our team in Nepal and ARE being turned into items such as tents, rope, blankets and dried foods.

We are combining efforts with other LOCAL initiatives to distribute supplies as widely as we can. Whilst our teams have not experienced it first hand, there are reports of desperate people, hi-jacking and robbing food supplies.

Roshan, our Nepalese manager (known by his Sansarnepal “family” as Leela) delivered Sansarnepal supplies to Kathmandu airport for airdrop distribution. En route back to Pokhara he offered his services as a translator and labourer in a field hospital. He was able to support many casualties including a 15 year old boy called Pemba Lama who was rescued after five days trapped under the rubble, and a little girl called Pratiksha Gurung who has not spoken since the quake.

Prakash, one of our sponsored students, who lives at The Garden in Pokhara has donated 700 rupees (£4.50) of his own money, which he has saved, 5 rupees at a time, from his 40 rupee lunch allowance. His call for his classmates to do the same has raised additional funds which has already been turned into supplies.

Today the Sansarnepal children will be collating 300 parcels of supplies for 300 families in preparation for further distribution. Sansar Nepal has also donated 32 tents and another US$250 worth of dried foods.

Our friend Nisha Rai, a young teacher in Kathmandu, has purchased dried food with money from Sansar Nepal, found a minibus, driver and friend to help her, loaded up the van with food and extra clothing she had collected herself, and and has driven up to the village of Pachkal near Dhulikel where they distributed the goods to 25 families in need. In her early twenties, Nisha is another good example of the socially-engaged and proactive young Nepalis we are so impressed by.

Their efforts to help their fellow Nepalese is amazing.

Thank you for your donations to date. Please continue to raise funds and awareness!


Leela at a field hospital in Kathmandu


Translating for an aid doctor


With Pratiksha Gurung


…who has not spoken since the quake


The quake has affected young and old


Stockpiled supplies at The Garden awaiting distribution


Prakash and college friends have purchased supplies


…being delivered to Fugei in the Gorkha district today